Dansskola för barn och ungdomar mellan 7-12 år

The course runs for ten weeks in total, and you can see which week the course starts below startvecka. You can also see which weeks that has breaks for holidays, and the final occasion of the course, below lovdagar. Monday is counted as the first day of the week.
Our courses are held in Swedish, but of course there will be no setback for a non-Swedish speaking child to participate.

How to book a place: Fill in the form below with the name of the child and birth date, your name, address, phone number and e-mail address. At the enrollment you need to confirm our purchase conditions and privacy policy. The price is for one semester.

About the Bliss course

Bliss are the largest dance school in Sweden for children between 7-12 years. At Bliss you will, by our great dance teachers, learn cool choreographies to the latest music. It's also possible to practice the dances at home between the lessons. You will get all the choreographies, technical advice and much more in our Bliss-app.

The dance course

One semester is ten lessons. The base in Bliss is Street dance and we also take influences of other styles like show dance. Of course you will get to learn the trendiest dance moves. The lesson is built on one warm up part and one part of choreography. In Bliss we have the coolest dance teachers who will make you develop, have fun and become as good as can be.

The Bliss app

All our students can exclusively use our Bliss-app. You can watch videos where it's possible to practice the dance moves your teacher has showed on the lesson. The app is fully loaded by choreographies, technical advice, live streams, and competitions. We are the only dance school in Sweden offering this.

Sparkling spring show

Every spring semester we have a sparkling show in the dansce hall, where every student can invite two guests to the audience. 

School year

We follow the school year, and our semesters is based on one autumn term and one spring term. All our students will be offered to keep the place for the next semester before we open up for new customers.

Age division

7-9 years: The child need to have turned seven years before the course starts. In this age group it's extra important to have the right age before the course starts.
10-12 years: For the older age group the child must turn the minimum age (10) in the same year that the semester is ongoing. 

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